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        • 1967 The school was permitted to be organized in May of this year.
        • 1968 The school was established in 1968 and named "China Junior College of Technology".
        • 1994 It was renamed "China Junior College of Technology and Commerce".
        • 1998 The 2-year Continuing Education program was added.
        • 1999 The school was expanded to a 4-year college and renamed
          "China Institute of Technology"(CHIT).
        • The night school was renamed Evening Division of Continuing Education.
        • 2000 The Affiliated Institute of Continuing Education was added.
        • 2003 Hsinchu Campus was set up.
        • 2006 The school was awarded as the first rank by the Ministry of Education.
        • 2009 The school was formally renamed as "China University of Science and Technology".
        • The ceremony for construction beginning was held in Yunlin
          for the setting of industry collaboration and student internship.
        • The university was approved by ISO 9001/2008 International Quality Certification.
        • 2011 The university was again awarded as the first rank by the Ministry of Education.
        • The university obtained the ISO 27001 ISMS Certification & TTQS Certification.
        • 2012 The Center for Industry Collaboration & Student Internship
          on Yunlin Campus was established.
        • 2013 Game Design Program and Digital Culture Creation & Multimedia Program were added.
        • 2014 The Department of International Business was renamed
          Department of International Business and Marketing.
        • 2015 Jade Garden Hotel on Yunlin campus was approved to operate.
        • 2016 Game Design Program and Digital Culture Creation & Multimedia Program were renamed
          Department of Game Design and Department of Digital Culture Creation & Multimedia.

        Brief History


        China University of Science and Technology (CUST) consists of four divisions:
        Day Division, Division of Continuing Education, Affiliated Institute of Continuing Education
        and Aviation Maintenance Education Center. We also now have 18 departments
        and 8 graduate schools.

        The school consists of four colleges:
        College of Engineering, College of Commerce and Management, College of Health Science
        and Technology, and College of Aviation.

        The CUST has three campuses:
        Taipei Main Campus, Hsinchu Campus, and Yunlin Campus.

        Educational Aims

        • Provide students with fulfilled education in technology & management fields.
        • Fully develop students' potential for well-rounded learning.
        • Help students carry out the school's motto: Honesty, Justice, Lawfulness, and Innovation.


        • Applying with professional and fundamental skills.
        • Reinforcing with E-learning program and on-line teaching assistance.
        • Offering students scholarships for the good performance.
        • Providing opportunities for students-exchanging or abroad tour-study programs.
        • Developing practical and vocation-related programs.
        • Offering training courses for obtaining various certificates.
        • The first Asian institute with the European Union's certification in aircraft maintenance.
        • Exclusive authorization for the certificated examination from
          the Civil Aeronautics Administration.
        • Approved by the Chinese Institute of Engineers for industrial academic cooperation.

        +886-2-2782-1862 ~4 No.245, Sec. 3, Academia Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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